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Customised free ringtones are probably a common thing that you hear every day. From the simplest type of phone to the smartest smart phone, people have embraced one way or another of customising the way their phone sounds when a call or a message comes through.

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Customised free ringtones are probably a common thing that you hear every day.

Ringtones were in use as early as the 70’s on landline phones. These were used in helping hearing impaired individuals to identify which phone was ringing from distinctive ringtones. The first ringers to be used in electric phones where single tones, however, through time, these have evolved from single to double tunes, to musical melodies, polyphonic tones, and mp3 ringtones.

The first free ringtones that were downloadable came about in the year 1998. Customers would either use a tool to create their own melodies, or download tunes to their devices via SMS. At current day and age, you can find free ringtones to download from a large selection of websites online.

The discovery of customisable ringtones has come as quite a great help. This is so considering how current technology allows you to use different tones for different elements on your phone. Imagine if your phone rung the same way for each and every function (including phone calls, text messages, reminders and alarms). That would be extremely annoying.

Free ringtones are not only a way to add personality and individual style to your phone but also a way of create variety in the way your phone rings. This will enable you to know when to run for the call, and when to casually stroll over and switch off the alarm! The advantage of customisable free ringtones have gone a step further in enabling you to create individual ringtones for specific contacts, or contact groups so you can know which phone calls are important and which ones are not without even looking at your phone.

A ringtone maker is an application that enables you to create a free ringtones based on the collection of music that you have in your device. The earliest ringtone maker was used in the year 1997.

Polytonic ringtones consist of several notes at a time while real tones are commonly known as mp3s. Other formats include the sing and video tone for free ringtones.

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