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While the mobile phones of the past came with some inbuilt ringtones that were not just repetitive in nature but also boring to listen to, the advent and development of technology has rendered a new age of mobile phones with customisable ringtones that can be made quite easily with an online ringtone maker. One can now easily blend songs and music of their choice with the help of this software, which is readily available online. This software is very popular and is called the online ringtone maker. These can even be downloaded on to mobile phones, if required.

Online Ringtone Maker – History of the Ringtone Maker

The first ringtone maker is said to have been developed in the year 1996, when a Japanese company called NEC came out with the NTT Digital Mova N103. As the popularity of this invention grew, various companies launched ringtone makers that allowed a mobile phone user to easily create their choice of ringtone. Easily customisable and user-friendly software are now available. The demand for these softwares is only going up by the day, thanks to the constant increase in the number of mobile phone users.

blue tint laptop with laying headphones with wave diagram of a ringtone on display

The online ringtone maker has a built-in software that lets users mix the sounds they want to have in the ringtone.

Online Ringtone Maker – How does a ringtone maker work?

The online ringtone maker has software installed in it which lets the user blend the sounds and music that they want to use for creating the ringtone. This software is known as the melody composer and it also helps convert the created ringtone into a format that is compatible with the mobile device of the user. Though smartphones can access and create customisable ringtones using this software directly on the phone, other mobile users need to get it transferred from a PC.

Online Ringtone Maker – Conclusion

An online ringtone maker also allows a user to choose a song that is already saved in the gallery of the phones. This song can be easily edited or the user can take a part of it to use as a ringtone. Such edited and converted ringtones can also be easily forwarded to other phones using SMS, e-mail and other available messaging services.

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