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A ringtone is like a computer’s wallpaper; it’s nice to give it a fresh, updated look every now and then, hence the need for custom ringtones or a ringtone maker. Did you ever hear a cell phone ring and watch dozens of people, including yourself, scramble to check their phone? That’s usually what happens if you stick to using a default cell phone ringer. They are so common that every phone going off could potentially and embarrassingly be mistaken for your own. Even if that’s never happened, it is excruciatingly boring to hear the same ringtone being played on thousands of occasions. 

Sound waves of a ringtone

A ringtone maker is a useful tool that allows you to fully customize and personalize your ringtones.

A ringtone maker is a useful tool that allows you to fully customize and personalize your ringtones. Most ringtone makers started off as a simple tool on a website that would allow you to cut and splice an mp3 and then save it to your computer. You would then need to transfer the file from your computer to your phone, usually via USB. This option is still available today. However, with the introduction of smart phones and the competitive market of apps flooded with free software, ringtone makers are now available as apps for smart phones. This technological progression has the added convenience of skipping over the transfer from computer to phone and allows you to test out the ringtone directly on your smart phone.

One of the most popular, and highly acclaimed apps is known quite simply as Ringtone Maker. A ringtone maker app is available for both the IPhone iOS and Google Android Phones. Big Bang INC and Zentertain Ltd make a free, well-reviewed ringtone maker app for Android and iOS respectively. A smart phone mp3 ringtone maker will allow you to customize all your alert tones including text, tweet, mail, reminders, calendar and of course ringtones. Depending on the ringtone maker you install, customization may vary including fading in/out and adjusting volume. The ringtone maker apps are also convenient in the sense that you only have to dig through your favorite mp3 files on iTunes or the Amazon MP3 Store, directly from your phone, to create unique ringtones.

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