You’ve probably had unanswered questions regarding the origin of ringtones. Currently, it is common to hear a unique and interesting ringtone play on a mobile phone. You may have a phone that can be customised, and allow a tone to play for every individual member on the phonebook. It may seem that this is a new invention, but ringtones have a history that begins with the first phone. The following explains more about the history of this mobile option, and what is available to consumers today.

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The first ringtones were offered on landlines by AT&T.

History of the Ringtone

The first ringtones were offered on landlines by AT&T. The technology was simple, and the same ringer was available on each model, a displayed bell that would signify a call was coming in. In the middle 70’s, phones were able to be produced by third party manufacturers. With this, came the ability for each phone to have its own ringtone, and own unique sound. Though many sounded similar, it was the first step toward the ringtones that are accessible today. When the digital age peaked, phones were offering several different ringtone options per device. Technologies advanced and this could be seen in the ringtones options available.

Modern Ringtones

With mobile phones, mobile ringtones began their customisation. From this customisation we can appreciate numerous features of ringtones today. The first mobile phone that could have a customised ringtone was available in the 1990’s, and the technology sky rocketed from there. Now, mobile devices can pull from the internet different sounds and songs that can be played when an individual calls. There are web applications available that focus solely on the manufacturing and offering of these different sounds, many of which offer free ringtones to consumers. In fact, you can get your ringtone of choice instantly from the Internet. For those that want to make their phone even more personalised, the option of ringtone maker applications is also available. In this case, a ringtone can literally be made on the phone itself through voice recordings and sound features.

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