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Ringtone maker

A ringtone is like a computer’s wallpaper; it’s nice to give it a fresh, updated look every now and then, hence the need for custom ringtones or a ringtone maker. Did you ever hear a cell phone ring and watch dozens of people, including yourself, scramble to check their phone? That’s usually what happens if you stick to using a default cell phone ringer. They are so common that every phone going off could potentially and embarrassingly be mistaken for your own. Even if that’s never happened, it is excruciatingly boring to hear the same ringtone being played on thousands of occasions. 

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You’ve probably had unanswered questions regarding the origin of ringtones. Currently, it is common to hear a unique and interesting ringtone play on a mobile phone. You may have a phone that can be customised, and allow a tone to play for every individual member on the phonebook. It may seem that this is a new invention, but ringtones have a history that begins with the first phone. The following explains more about the history of this mobile option, and what is available to consumers today.

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Free ringtones

Customised free ringtones are probably a common thing that you hear every day. From the simplest type of phone to the smartest smart phone, people have embraced one way or another of customising the way their phone sounds when a call or a message comes through.

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